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Gala Band wanted for a party?

Are you planning on holding a gala, an art fair or a relaxed dinner with friends? If you’re looking forward to a classy and sophisticated evening, we suggest you chose the right musical background to go along with it. We recommend a gala band booking, since you will need a professional group of musicians that know how to play to an elegant audience.

Here’s a short list of events our bands regularly perform at:


Galaband booking
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What do I have to look for when I arrange for a Galaband booking?

First of all, the band needs to be experienced. This might seem like a no-brainer. However, with so many bands for hire out there, it’s tough to chose whose doing a good job – and who’s not. The bands we provide are experienced and professional – we only represent musicians worth your money. A great Galaband will listen to your wishes and come up with own ideas on how to realize them. Each band member makes an effort to assure that you’re event will be a success. Additionally, the perfect gala band can draw from a large repertoire of songs and genres.

Galaband wanted
Galaband wanted?

What can I book a gala band for?

Whenever there’s a need for a classy and elegant band, wherever people want to participate in standard dancing to classical melodies, their evening dresses and smokings swaying as they float on the dance floor – you’ll need a gala band. Their versatility includes not only standard dance music like Waltz, Foxtrot and Discofox, but also more exotic tunes you can dance Cha Cha Cha, Samba or Rumba to. You can chose to let the band figure out a playlist or make up one of your own. You can also discuss how you wish your party to progress – starting slowly, and steadily increasing in both volume and speed. For a nice dinner with friends, a good gala band will play unobtrusively in the background, as to not disturb the conversations at the table.

What else is a gala band good for?

Of course, if you’re not into the sophisticated stuff, and you’d much rather throw a party where your guests can go wild, we can help out, too. See, a great gala band doesn’t only know how to play classy, but also how to turn the amplifier up all the way to eleven. If you want to rock, you got it. We hope you find a gala band with us today.