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How can my party benefit from an oldiesband booking?

Oldies – everybody knows them from the TV and radio. Everybody loves them. And, even more importantly, everybody can sing along to them. Which, as a result, leads to your party being a success! Oldies are a great way to enhance the atmosphere at your party, to connect young and old, and to have people going crazy on the dance floor. Although there are many oldies from a every genre, chances are that your guests will know at least some – if not all – of them. The obvious advantage: everybody is included, no one is left out. By booking a band specialized in performing evergreens, you’re on the right track to a memorable party your guests will talk about long afterwards.

Our oldies bands can be booked for:

  • your Birthday party
  • Trade shows
  • Reunions
  • Opening parties
  • Launch events
  • Wedding parties
  • Art shows
  • Anniversaries
  • Big events
  • As background music for dinner parties


Oldiesband booking
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I want to find an oldiesband – what do I have to look out for?

From Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones, from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles, from Chet Baker to Alice Cooper, the are more oldies than stars in the universe (we counted). Whatever genre you like – whether it’s jazz, rock and roll, blues or 70s and 80s pop music – there’s probably an oldie your guests will know and love. Of course, it’s of key importance to find the right band. A good oldiesband does not only know how a lot of evergreens from as many genres as possible, but also is able to perform them adequately. Since you want your band to entertain your guests, you should make sure that the oldies band you’re hiring consists of competent and professional musicians who know how to play in front of an audience. There are many amateur bands out there – some of which are undoubtedly worth their money – but you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to your event. In order for your party to become a great success, we recommend you hire a group o professional artists.

Oldiesband wanted
Oldiesband wanted?

Which events can benefit from an oldies band booking?

Virtually every kind of event can benefit from a great live band. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday or a company anniversary, booking the right oldies band for classic songs greatly increases your chances of having a blast. In addition, you’re welcome to discuss playlists and special wishes with the band members – which is nice, since you don’t have to worry about the music any longer. Live bands come a dime a dozen these days, and we want to make sure your band is worth every penny.