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Oh, the German Schlager . It’s a weird mix of nostalgia, broken hearts, bratwurst and beer-induced sing-alongs. Here’s some history for you: the genre emerged in Central Europe after World War 2 in 1956. It was a countermovement to American rock and roll which occupied most popular radio stations at that time. Schlager music is emotional, catchy and easy to listen to. The beat is sometimes akin to techno, although there are other forms of Schlager that do not employ electronic music at all. The lyrics, however, are almost always straightforward and quite easy to learn, making it probably the most popular party music in Europe. Since its origins in Germany, Schlagerbands have popped up all over Europe and even on other continents. If you want to transform your party into an Oktoberfest, a Schlagerband booking is your best option (however, please note that we do not rent out Bavarian lederhosen).


Here’s an incomplete list of events our Schlagerbands perform at:

  • Oktoberfest parties
  • Après Ski parties
  • Birthdays
  • Tribute parties
  • Launch parties
  • Family reunions
  • Carnival
  • Trade shows
  • Open Airs
  • Festivals
Schlagerband booking
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How do I find a Schlager band that’s good?

Well, there are several key characteristics a good band should possess. For one, playing the music right is only one side of the coin. Of course, your band should know as many popular songs from the genre as possible. But Schlager isn’t only about getting the tunes right. It’s more about performance and how to engage with the audience. See, the genre was developed to make people happy and emotional, at least for a while. That’s why it’s such a popular genre at fairs like Oktoberfest. When you’re booking a band, you should make sure that each member is an excellent entertainer. They should animate your guests to sing along, to sway left and right (which is called “schunkeln” in German), and to jolt with beer jugs bigger than their heads.

Schlagerband wanted
Schlagerband wanted?

How can my party benefit from a Schlagerband?

Schlagerband booking is your best option to create a memorable, fun event. The Oktoberfest is one of the most popular fairs in the world, with copycats popping up in the UK, the US and even as far as Japan. Everybody love the happy-go-lucky spirit of German Volksmusik, and so will your guests. We can assure you, your party will be dearly remembered by everyone invited. And if we may give you one last bit of advice: a party without Schnitzel is like bratwurst without mustard.