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A swing band wanted for a personal event?

In the movies, people at birthday parties, weddings and other familiar events always seem to be dancing so boisterously. Of course, filmmakers go to great lengths to ensure that the atmosphere is right: lightning, costumes, editing, etc. all play a big role in creating the right image. However, the most important part is the right music. Without the appropriate soundtrack, the scene wouldn’t appear half as fun as it does. However, what applies to party scenes in movies also applies to reality: after all, a party is like a scene in real-life, a moment removed from the daily routine. People dress up for it, as if they assumed their proper roles for the event. A party is thus like a movie scene. And just like in a movie scene, you’ll want to add the right soundtrack to your party in order for it to be remembered by your guests. For this purpose, we suggest booking a live band – and if you want to dance, we recommend a swing band warmly to you. As a subgenre to jazz, live swing music is full of energy, rhythm and great melodies.

Our swing bands perform at various events, including (but not limited to):

  • Corporate events
  • Galas
  • Dinner parties
  • Family events
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Reunion parties
  • Dance events
  • Art shows
  • Trade fairs


Swingband booking
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With a professional swingband, you and your guests will have the pleasure of listening to greatly performed swing, jive, jazz and other intensely rhythmic dance music. You can expect the swingband members to be masterful musicians: they’re not only professionals but passionate artists who love making music and being on-stage. Coming from jazz, swing isn’t a genre to be listened to at home in solitude, but a genre that can only be fully enjoyed when in a group of dancing people. As such, swing makes for some of the best party sound there is.

Swingband wanted
Swingband wanted?

Why should I place a swing band booking?

Just like we said at the beginning: your personal event is like that one scene in that one movie you love. You’ll always remember it, and you’d re-watch it time and again. Your event will be reminisced equally dearly if you decide on the right musical background. We firmly believe that a birthday, a company anniversary, a wedding and even a small event like a private dinner among friends will benefit greatly from the joyous character of swing music. Our musicians love swing and jive themselves – that’s their advantage over other party bands. Book your private swing band today for a fun and memorable evening.